Youth is not a time of life.
It is a state of mind

We are valuable

God does not love us because we are valuable.
we are valuable because God loves us

Whom to pray

Prayer is a means to relate with God.
We make use of many methods to pray.
Often we are confused what is pray and how to pray.
There are also people who are confused about whom to pray.

Prayers are answered by God. God is the source of all blessings.

There is no need of thinking of whom to pray.

All the prayers are heard and answered by God.

Presence of someone

Presence of some people
can reduce
the intensity of suffering.


Punishment must be preceded by love to the same person

Care for Self

Caring ourselves does not mean taking care of my selfishness. It means taking care of the God within me. I am bound to take care of myself.

I should not become a burden for others. We are people on whom people can depend on. Many are not comfortable within themselves. They are not able to take care of themselves. Naturally they become burden for others.

Many are ready to take care of others. But they fail to take care of themselves.

We know the character of others: How weak and good they are? How they will react? etc. But, do I know myself?

Matured person is one who has learned to take care of oneself.

There are people in the society with problems. From the analysis we come to know that they are ones who do not know to take care of themselves.

Penance for offence

The best penance for a suffering given to your deae one
Give love in return for the same measure or more.

Relationship with Other

We start many relations with many people everyday. Many of the relations are broken as the time pass on. Some are thrown away others are rejected or forgotten. Very few relations grow deeper even to the level of intimacy.

In family set up also the relations are begun in the same way. But unlike the other we find it is growing and getting deepened. It is tolerance, sense of sacrifice above all love that keeps them together. And through these the relationships are deepened.

Anyone who builds relationships like this will be able get better relationship with others. Therefore feel so comfortable in life.


Do you tempt anyone?

No, never.... we know it is wrong.

But why don't you tempt others to do good things


If you have ever experienced compassion you’ll know that it is one of the essentials of any good relationships. In the family, in friendship, in love compassion is the ability to know deeply the joys and troubles of another and to enter into them. You might sometimes ask yourself, ‘What is really going on in the people I am close to, my best friend, father, sister, mother, etc?’ We may live close to people and yet be unaware of how they really are.

Compassion is like a key opening a stiff door: it invites you to be yourself and to share yourself, to experience that nobody is alone in the world and those joys and troubles shared are moments of grace and growth.