Humanity has taken great strides in the areas of science and technology, and yet there are many things that we still do not understand.

We can use technology to communicate with someone who is thousands of miles away, but technology cannot explain to us why we cannot communicate with a neighbour who lives by our side.

This must lead to the realisation that when all is said and done we will still fall short of understanding all the mysteries there are and have to depend on God.

Jesus today

We must keep in mind that the only Jesus that people today can see and touch is the Jesus that we make known through our words and actions.

He has allowed us to share in his mission.

This is also an enormous privilege, but entails a tremendous responsibility


The happiness that we give to others will return to us one day


Jesus provided a strategy for mission which may be summarised in one word namely, detachment. The call is to detachment from anything, which will hold a person up or prevent him or her from engaging in mission.

Concern for Other

One member of a community was given farewell party. During the party one of the other members got up to make farewell speak. Superior of the group instructed that the speech must be in Hindi as two workers (Hindi speaking) were present. The instruction was carried out.

The one who was receiving farewell could not understand anything of the farewell message. She did not know Hindi.

There were four persons who did not know Hindi.

The superior wanted to show that she cared also the servants. Many forget the purpose of their certain doings.

Our Burdens

St. Paul writes in II Corinthians 12:9, "And God said unto me, 'My grace is sufficient for thee . . .'" What a hard thing that is for us to accept.

We are like the old man riding down the road on a donkey while he carried a 200 pound sack of wheat on his shoulder. Someone asked him why he didn't take the weight off of his shoulders and strap it to the donkey. "Oh, no!" he protested. "I couldn't ask the donkey to carry all that weight."

Many of us are carrying burdens today that we do not have to carry. Only our lack of faith, trust, and confidence that God really is alive and able to relieve us of our burdens keeps us in bondage.

King Duncan,

Means and Goals

Means should never become an end to anyone.

When this happens the person forgets the end and reaches at wrong place.