13th Sunday in the Ordinary Time

Wis; 1:13-15, 2:23-24 ; 2 Cor 8:7,9,13-15; Mk 5:21-43

On 20th June (2012) a 4-year-old little girl, Mahi slipped into a borewell. Mahi was stuck at a level of 60 feet (20 meters).
The operation — launched soon after Mahi fell into the bore-well on Wednesday night during her birthday celebrations and was prolonged by almost 85 hours as the rescue team  pulled her out.
The efforts to save  Mahi were televised  live by National News Channels with people across the country  performing religious

Solemnity of the birth of St. John the Baptist

Is 49: 1-6; Acts 13: 22-26; Lk 1: 57-66, 80

From the very origin of man, he has experienced  certain unusual natural phenomenon  that preceded some remarkable events of history. William Shakespeare gives a vid description of it in his play “Julius Caesar.” The night before  Julius Caesar was murdered, three times she called out in her sleep about Caesar’s murder. Many strange things happened   in the city earlier that night: dead men walked, ghosts wandered the city, a lioness gave birth in the street, and lightning shattered the skies. She believed that these signs portend true danger, she said; Caesar could not afford to ignore them. Meanwhile a servant entered, reporting that

11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Ez 17:22-24; 2Cor 5:6-10; Mk 4:26-34

The nature is full of mysteries, and man stands helpless before them.

The 'Taos Hum' is a low-pitched sound heard in numerous places worldwide, especially in the USA, UK, and Northern Europe. It is usually heard only in quiet environments, and is often described as sounding like a distant diesel engine. Since it has proven indetectable by microphones or VLF antennae, its source and nature is still a mystery.

Corpus Christi

The Pelican is  excessively  dedicated to its  young one. The pelican collects small fish and stores in the pouch at its neck. In the process of feeding them  the bird  presses the pouch against its neck. There is a reddish tinge at its breast plumage and redness   at the tip of its beak.  All these specialties of the pelican  have given rise to a legend of the Pelican feeding its  young with its own blood.

Trinity Sunday

One day St Augustine of Hippo  was walking along the sea shore and reflecting on the doctrine of the Trinity. He suddenly saw a little child all alone on the shore. The child made a hole in the sand, ran to the sea with a little cup, filled her cup, came and poured it into the hole she had made in the sand. Back and forth she went to the sea, filled her cup and