Cycle B 2nd Sunday of Lent

 Gen. 22:1-2, 9-13, 15-18; Rom. 8:31b-35, 37; Mk. 9:2-10

The First Reading from the Book of Genesis tells us that God tested Abraham. [Gen. 22:1] God wanted to see just how faithful Abraham would be in obedience.

After calling Abraham, God commanded him to take his son Isaac and to go to the land of Moriah to offer him there as a burnt offering on a mountain that will be shown to him.

As Genesis 22:3-8 tells us, Abraham obeyed God. Early in the morning, he set out towards the mountain. Genesis 22:6 tells us that "Abraham took the wood of the burnt offering and laid it on his son Isaac." When Abraham came to the place that God had shown him, he built an altar there and laid the wood in order. He bound his son Isaac, and laid him on the altar, on top of the wood.

Just when Abraham was about to sacrifice his son, the angel of the Lord called him from heaven and told him not to lay his hand on the boy or do anything to him. [Gen. 22:11-2] The faith of Abraham had been tested and God knew by his actions that he had a sincere heart.

Cycle B 1st Sunday of Lent

 Gen. 9:8-15; 1 Pet. 3:18-22; Mk. 1:12-15

In the days of Noah, the people throughout the world had become very evil, practicing all kinds of abominations that offended the Lord God. Because of this, God told Noah to build an ark and to gather his family and two of every kind of animals. When the ark was completed, Noah and his family, eight persons in total, entered the ark with all the animals. Then, as we know from what the Holy Bible teaches us, God flooded the world.

When the days of the flooding were over and the ark had touched land, Noah, his family and all the animals left the ark. Then, God spoke to Noah and to his sons.

God promised to establish a Covenant with Noah and all his descendants. God promised that never again would He flood the entire world to destroy every living thing on the earth. As a sign of His promise, He gave the rainbow to the world for all to see in the sky.

During today's Gospel, we heard that Jesus was in the wilderness for forty days and faced severe temptations. And the Reading finished with Jesus announcing in Galilee, 'The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of

Cycle B 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Lev 13:1-2, 44-46; 1 Cor 10:31–11:1; Mk 1:40-45


The novel "Untouchable" written by Mulk Raj Anand gives a touching account of the plight of the untouchables in India. The story is narrated by Bakha who is a hard working boy who never disobeys his father despite his repugnance for him and his lifestyle. Bakha endures one of the most humiliating and depressing days of his young life in this story. From sunrise on he is forced to deal with discrimination, hatred and hypocrisy. He is woken this early morning by his father’s shouts. The first chore of the day is to clean the latrines before the rest of the community gets up to use them. When Bakha sleeps in he is chided by a local man who wants to use the toilet, "Why aren't the latrines clean, you rogue of a Bakhe!

More humiliation is in store for Bakha before his day is out. His curiosity takes him to a local temple, where he climbs the steps to get a glimpse of the wonders inside. Untouchables are not allowed to see