Happiness is Healing

Our bodies will store emotions within certain organ systems. Our muscles tense up and become rigid when we always feel we have to be right or when we always have to be the strong one, feel inflexible, or we may feel manipulated and vulnerable. Additionally, out of balance muscles can result in a strain of our skeletal system. Our nervous system is an amazing electrical system. Just imagine, neurons pick up thought forms instantly! If we feel as though we aren't receiving true communication from others, we feel it in our nervous system. Feelings of not being important affect our nervous system as well. How many people do you know with Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Our Digestive Systems tend to hold emotions of fear, guilt, resentment and deep-seated abuse.Remember to treat each moment with love, gratitude and honor. This means, not having to waste time on thoughts of suffering, illness, dis-ease, anger, hatred, worry, guilt or any other limiting thoughts. Don't focus on what you don't like about your body and your life - marvel at the amazing processes within your physical body and the amazing lessons we’ve learned in this physical realm! My teacher, Vianna also believes you should live life as if you have no secrets. Do not look upon your enemy with disdain or hatred; rather, view them as your best teacher. Ask yourself, "What lessons has this person taught me about myself". This is not to say we have to make enemies and learn the hard way - absolutely not at all. The gift in all this is, learning how to bless them so we can heal and remove those blocks that are preventing us from moving forward. When we begin to remove blocks, we become even closer to our true essence.
-JoAnn Clinton