A Missionary was living alone in a mission parish. The people were so happy for what he was. Once a girl who was given a correction by him, accused him hurtfully.

The missionary did not defend himself or try to proof how innocent he was.

A few thoughts passed troughs his mind:

- when we are young we just speak out whatever we feel or think to be true even not looking at the consequence of the statement.

-the parents receive this back very badly from the retaliation of their own children.

-So the missionary realized he was enjoying the privileges of a parent.

He prayed that God may forgive and bless the girl.

Shindhu 8 — Radio Sri Chinmoy

Shindhu 8 — Radio Sri Chinmoy

Feed God's children

When we translate our care and compassion into positive action, the little we are able to do is multiplied by God's grace in such a way that it becomes more than sufficient for the need.

All that Jesus needs from us to feed the hungry crowds of the world is our “five loaves and two fish.”

Why didn't Jesus just go on and produce bread from thin air to feed the crowd? Because God needs our “five loaves and two fish” in order to perform the amazing miracle of feeding the five thousand.