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In Orissa thousands of Christians have been attacked, rendered homeless, their homes ransacked and looted and burnt down, churches and even orphanages destroyed. The details about the destruction and killing in Orissa are more than the given number as many details are not available to us since we are unable to entering into these troubled areas.

Houses destroyed – 4009

Churches and institutions demolished – 96

Residences of Priests and nuns, Training centres – 14

People Killed /burnt to death -- 38

People displaced in refugee camps – 22236

People displaced in forests and other places – 40000+

The State Government has proclaimed that everything is under control. In fact not much is known about Orissa situation to the outsiders. This is due to a well planned strategy to boycott. On the contrary, Christians are targeted in every way. The Hindu outfits have planned to totally annihilate Christians from Orissa.

Orissa Today

  • Hindu fundamental groups Vishwa Hindu Parishad ( VHP) and Bajrang Dal (BD) are forcing all Christians, especially those from Kandhmal district, to become Hindus. It is not just a political agenda but a determined strategy to wipe out Christians. They follow particular pattern for this.
  • The Christian Dalit and Tribals are forced to convert to Hinduism under threat. The fundamental group announces a date fixed for conversion in a selected village.
  • Those Christian members belonging to the houses of that village are told to inform their family people to return from the relief camps or anywhere on that date.
  • They will be asked to convert to Hinduism. They are asked to sign a document that it is done freely. If they do not accept, they are tortured and killed.
  • If they become Hindus, they pay a fine of 1000 to 1500 Rupees.
  • As a sign of becoming Hindu, they will be asked to destroy Christian statues, break churches and even were asked to kill the Christians who were unwilling to become Hindus.
  • If they do not return, the Hindu neighbours are told that the houses, the lands belong to the Hindus. All their belongings are looted, burnt and destroyed.
  • Since the Christians do not want to become Hindus, they fled to forests and are remaining in Relief Camps. There are around 23000 people in 17 relief camps. NGOs and individuals are not allowed to enter inside these camps to do any help. Medical help alone is allowed and these people are watched closely.
  • The VHP and BD are specially hunting for priests, pastors and nuns and their families to be killed.
  • These groups use country guns, axe, swords, bows, arrows, crow bars etc. The bodies were chopped off and hewed, people were burnt alive, buried alive, women gang raped. Some dead bodies of Christians are found in the fields, on the roads etc.
  • Looting, arson and vandalization continue. The forces are mainly in the towns, main roads and are not moving to the interior. And hence crimes are freely committed by the miscreants with impunity.