The origin and purpose of the Hebrew priesthood is described in Hebrew 5:1-10.

The priest is taken from the people and ordained for the people. The first step of Jesus toward acquiring his priestly office was to become a member of the human race. Following that he offered his most precious sacrifice for the people. The very nature of a priest is one who offers sacrifices and intercessory prayers to God.

By nature Jesus was totally spiritual; human qualities were added later. We, by nature, are human and we strive to become spiritual. The Lord, by being both human and divine, became the perfect mediator between God and people. Jesus is also the victim; offered up by himself—of his own free will. These deeds of Jesus, took place “in the days when he was in the flesh.”

These are the days we are now in the flesh. We can join our sacrifices and intercessions this very day, with the sacrifices of Jesus. Daily we can live spiritually by offering our gifts, our time and especially our suffering to the Father, in union with Jesus the priest.

Pastoral Visit

Pastoral Visit to Catholic Church, Rewari
Archbishop of Delhi,
Rt. Rev. Dr. Vincent Concessao
on 25th Jan 2009 at 9;00 am

St Francis - Brother Sun and Sister Moon

Family Life

Family is the foundation of the society. This is the base of the world. The future of a person has to be formulated in the family.

Once we know the family of a person we can more or less calculate the character of the person. If a child is not of good character we say it is the fault of the parents. Teenage is a time of change of character. They try their level best to get their desires or ambitions achieved. The more they achieve their selfish motives, the more they try their luck again for the same. Some continue to follow the same pattern in their later life also. These persons will become burden for others.

In family life, one has to become more conscious of their obligations than the rights.

The Effects of God's Enduring Love

Within a person who is filled with love, there is no room for fear. John succinctly says that “perfect love casts out all fear.”

The Gospel of Mark 6:45-52 makes a clear commentary on the lack of genuine love to be found in the hearts of the apostles. They need to develop a much deeper love if they ever hope to be without fear. Their fears are very evident in this incident where Jesus comes to them walking on the water.

First, they are afraid of the storm. Then, Mark says, the high winds frighten them. Finally, the entire group is terrified by Jesus himself.

In the early morning darkness, they mistake him for a ghost.

In essence, Jesus was both saying and demonstrating that they had a long way to go in order to achieve that perfect love which casts out all fear. If the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, then complete wisdom is found in the love God.

When our love of God is complete then all fear will have disappeared.

Live this day with so much love of God that my fears will, at least temporarily disappear.