World Accepts Your Claim

The world accepts what you say about yourself.
If one says, “I am sinful.” The people will come around you and start accusing you as a sinner. They may call you ‘a sinner’.
If you can say, “I have overcome my failures and now very confident to move ahead powerfully.” The world may not accept it and on the contrary may reject it. If you can hold on your position, in spite of their resistance, gradually they too may accept it and receive you.
The world accepts your decisions about yourself. So you are the one who decides what you are.
Of course, it takes time
Time is the best healer

Presence of God

The God in me speaks to deepen my holiness.
The presence of God in me gives me strength and courage.
I am a child of God.
God is working through me.
It is time of LENT let me continue to do his will.

Ash Wednesday

Today ash is blessed and placed on our foreheads. They are reminders of our sinfulness and of our littleness before God. [Mark 1:14-15]

This ash were once the psalms used on Palm Sunday. So they are also ashes of hope. Ash stands for purification and repentance. We take them to remind us that we are part of the creation of God. We are made by God, as is the earth and its dust, for life. In taking the ashes we are all equal: men and women, young and old, teacher and pupil; we are all equal in the sight of God. We all take the same ashes.

This ash have no value except in the sight of God. They are nothing but dust. We are nothing without God: in God we live and move and have our being.

Correction to others

A person needs inner strength to make any change in one’s own life

Giving advice or correction is a common practice. But to carry out the given advice or correction is not that easy. One needs courage and strength to execute it. Only with the strength of someone we can overcome certain weakness of ours. The person may request, “Please give me your strength so that with that courage I may be able to overcome the weakness which I always fail to overcome.”

For e. g. A father advised his son not to be so rough with others. In spite of the advice he continued the same mistake. So father decides to come home early and spent sometimes with the child. He took with him for outing. After sometime he could find without further advice, the child changed himself.

The love and care with the father’s presence gave strength to the child to carry out the advice given by the father.


To be Happy: Don’t do what you like; but like what you do

The Love that we give will return one day; need not be from the same person

The Sufferings that we undergo will bring blessings in return

Worries Take You Away

The world is less perfect with our decisions not to do certain things.
There are many who do lots of good works. They are most of times welcomed by many. Each decision of ours is the best of that time possible for us. But later some become worried about how right was one’s action. They may be very much preoccupied not to be wrong in their decisions.
This preoccupation disturbs the personality of the person. Therefore many good works that one could do are neglected.
The world will become less perfect with the absence of that action

Family Life

Our family life is one of the most important and significant areas of our lives.
It can bring great happiness or unhappiness to us. We are thankful for the care and love we get in our families. At times, we do not experience that love and care.
We learn a lot about life in our families: the first people we love and quarrel with are in the family. We learn how to get along with others, how to deal with frustrations, how to give and take in day to day life.

The Power of Mantras

In the book of James in the Bible chapter 4 and verse 8 it says to draw near to God and God will draw near to you.

There is an important key that is also taught by the major religions. That is by repeating mantras and prayers slowly, softly, and silently you connect with God.
Many have found that repeating specific words and sounds can help open and integrate a person with their deepest spiritual connections. Mantras are words or phrases used to facilitate transformation and spiritual realizations.

God's Love on Earth

The characteristics of God (I am humanizing the divineness) can be observed in different persons.
A person who takes up suffering for the sake of others shares God’s love. The dislikeness or disagreement with the one they love is not expressed through anger or punishment. At the same time they undergo suffering within oneself. This love takes up suffering for the sake of others. They do not want to give a negative quality (e.g. anger, punishment) to others because they have only positive qualities (love, care, tolerance). This kind of love is seen in many of our mothers.
Let me call it divine love.


Many of the most important decisions in our lives involve risk.
They involve taking the risk that new relationships, a marriage, a religious commitment, a job, or a course of study, will work out. There is no life without change, and no change without risk. Any time we risk out our necks in support of the poor or the deprived, we risk the scorn of others.

If we really live our convictions, we will risk being misunderstood by others. Jesus Christ risked a lot. He risked the anger of political leaders and of religious leaders. He risked the misunderstanding of friends, family and followers.

I am another saint

Saints are models for us to seek God. They challenge us for a better spiritual life. If so why not I also become a true follower of Jesus that another saint?
Jesus in his life time always marvelled at saintly people (Nathaniel) and gave more importance to the sinners. Today many look at sinners with wonder and give them more importance.
I feel one should give more importance to the saint that is in oneself. The saintliness in me has to be cared. God has created us saints (created in the image and likeness of God Genesis). I am called to be another saint.

Parental Care

In India, parents really care about the ways they raise their children, especially with relation to the importance of gender roles within Indian society.
One of the important ways that boys and girls are raised in India has to do with, boys are taught about their responsibilities and behaviour as men. For example, when boys finish school, they help out their father's with works outside of the home, thus learning and experiencing the world outside of home. On the other hand, girls are taught about their responsibilities and behaviour as women, helping out their mother's in the household such as washing dishes, doing the laundry, cooking etc.
Another difference is that girls get more attention from their parents than boys do. This is so because girls are not as strong as boys when it comes to an emotion. In addition, parents care for their daughters even after she gets married. This is so because most parents think that sometimes their daughter's might not be emotionally or physically strong enough to take care of their husbands and households. However, when it comes to boys, parents really don’t worry much because they know that boys are likely to be strong enough to take care of their wives and responsibilities.
The side effects resulting from which boys and girls are raised is that, both boys and girls are brought up in a good manner. They learn a lot from their parents about their responsibilities and how to behave according to their genders.
In conclusion, children are very important to every society, and parents want to raise them in a good manner. Parents bring up their kids in different ways, depending on their culture; however, the most important thing is the outcome of how boys and girls are raised. Parents always expect the best from their children.