Risen Christ

Risen Christ is alive in the person who gets up, day after day, and begins again with renewed hope.

Risen Christ is alive in a child who smiles again, extending once more the hand of confidence to a parent.

Risen Christ is alive in the wife who reminds her husband of what he has promised to be, who keeps serving the needs of her children despite their ingratitude.

Risen Christ is alive in the one who forgives, who perseveres in prayer, who still believes.

Risen Christ is alive in every sign of life throughout Creation.

Easter Wishes



Holy Week

Holy Week is a time we think of the death of Jesus.
His death was the result of the courage of his convictions. He had lived his life with a message of compassion, of equality, of love for the poor, at times criticizing the powerful for lording it over the weak.
He died at the hands of injustice; everyone connected with his death was in some way covering his own skin.
Jesus is an example, like many after him, of the battle of good and evil. And of the battle of love and of selfishness. This battle is fought inside ourselves too, as we live our lives between the attraction of the good and the pull of evil.