Cycle C 3rd Sunday in Lent

Ex 3:1-8,13-15; 1 Cor 10:1-6,10-12; Luke 13:1-9

Deadliest Natural calamities and manmade disasters have been part of human existence. Blizzards, diseases, famines, floods, volcanic eruptions and wild fires have consumed the life of millions.

Cycle C 2nd Sunday in Lent

Gen 15:5-12, 17-18; Phil 3:17-4:1; Luke 9:28-36.

The world is full of manifestations of God’s glory. Every morning, from the depth of darkness rises the sun, transforming the sleeping, inactive and dull earth into a vibrant planet teaming with life and activity. The light and warmth emitted from the rays of the sun

Cycle C 1st Sunday in Lent

Deut 26:4-10; Rom 10:8-13; Lk 4:1-13

One of the strangest monuments in the world is “The boot Monument” at Saratoga in America. It shows a boot with the inscription, "In memory of the most brilliant soldier of the Continental army, who was desperately wounded on this spot, winning for his

Cycle C 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Is 6:1-8; I Cor 15:1-11; Luke 5:1-11
A large imperial court.  Servants waited at the king for his command. They proclaimed the praise of the one seated on the throne. Holiness hovered over the court like a cloud. There at the corner of the court stood a poor wretched, unclean, frail man. His eyes fell on