Year A 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

[1 Kgs. 3:5-12; Rom. 8:28-30; Mt. 13:44-52]

In the 16th and 17th centuries, Europeans believed that somewhere in the New World there was a place of immense wealth known as El Dorado. Their searches for this treasure wasted countless lives. The origins of El Dorado lie deep in South America.

Kingdom of God in Me

Money is the most valuable thing for many. Money in our hand is never safe because somebody may borrow, ask, steal or I may spend it unnecessarily. But if it is in the Bank I know it is safe and I can get it back

Year A 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

[Wis. 12:13, 16-19; Rom. 8:26-27; Mt. 13:24-43]

The Battle of Gaugamela took place in 331 BC between Alexander the Great and Darius 111 of Persia.

According to historians 1,000,000 troops of Darius and 40,000 troops of Alexander met in the Battle of Gaugamela. In the battle thousands of men lost their lives. But, the empire

Year A 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

[Is. 55:10-1; Rom. 8:18-23; Mt. 13:1-23]

Jesus taught the good news for three years. The message of Jesus penetrated the heart of each of his listeners because he spoke with tenderness using the vocabulary of the common man. In order to make himself understood more easily He made abundant use

Year A 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

[Zech. 9:9-10; Rom: 8:9, 11-13; Mt. 11:25-30]
 When Jesus taught it was easy for his listeners to understand his teachings, because Jesus used examples and imageries from their daily experience.  His teachings were centred around the geography, vegetation, climate and lifestyle of the land.