Cycle (A) New Year

Num 6:22-27; Gal 4:4-7; Lk 2:16-21
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Today it is January 1st. Another day and another year has begun. 2019 had its challenges and achievements. The rise and fall of great personalities. Great leap in Physics, Medicine and Space Science. In our personal life too many of our dreams are met and some
are left behind. Now as we begin the New Year we make yet another set of resolutions.

The Bible says that God has created man in his own image (Gen 1:27). But in the course of time man has lost the image of God. Science and technology has taken him to a far away realm. Astronomy has begun to speak about inter planetary systems and interplanetary journeys. But most often we forget about the most important resolution – to be a good human being. In Ezekiel we read, “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh (Ez 36:26)”
Once someone asked Bill Gates. Is there any person richer than you?
Bill Gates replied, “Yes, there is a person who is richer than me.” He then narrated a story. “It was during the time when I wasn’t rich. I was at New York Airport when I saw a newspaper vendor. I wanted to buy one newspaper but found that I don’t have enough change. I told him of not having the change.
The vendor said, “I am giving you this for free. On his insistence I took the newspaper. I landed the same airport and again I was short of change for a newspaper. The vendor offered me the newspaper again. I refused and said that I can’t take it for I don’t have a change today too. He said, you can take it, I am sharing this from my profit.”
After 19 years I became famous and known by people. I began searching for him and after about 1 ½ months I found him. I asked him, “Do you know me?” He said, “Yes you are Bill Gates.” I asked him again, “Do you remember once you gave me a newspaper for free.” The vendor said, “Yes, I remember. I gave you twice.”
I said, “I want to repay the help you had offered me that time.” The vendor said, Sir, don’t you think that by doing so you won’t be able to match my help?” I asked, “Why?”
He said, “I helped you when I was a poor newspaper vendor and you are trying to help me now when you have become the richest man in the world. How can your help match mine?”
That day I realized that the newspaper vendor is richer than me. People need to understand that the truly rich are those who possess rich heart rather than lots of money.
It is very important to have a rich heart to help others. The psalmist prayed, “Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.
Let it be our resolution for the New Year.  Wish you a Happy New Year.