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African Pilgrimage in a Marian Grotto;
Marian Pilgrimage 2012;
The Statue of St. Francis of Assisi with Doves

18. Make me a Channel of your Peace
12. Ave Maria Gratia Plena

29. Most Rev. Alfred Agyenta - Spiritual Renewal Centre - Kongo [English]
28. Christmas Homily by Issac [English]
27. Rev. Fr. Benadict Mtena -32nd Monday [English]
26. Rev Fr. Christian Buffoni -32nd Sunday A [French]
25. Rev. Fr. Benjamin Kabongo -Installation [French]
24. Rev. Fr. Christian Buffoni -All Soul's Day [French]
23. Rev. Fr. Anselm Prior ofm [English]
22. Rev. Fr. Laiju OFM Cap 2 [English]
21. Rev. Fr. Ferdinand Banda 2 [English]
20. Rev. Fr. Cornelius MUTALE 2 [English]
19. Homily of Br. Alfonso [English]
16. Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Karikkassery [Malayalam]
15. Rev. Fr. Ferdinand Banda MASAUSO [English]
14. Rev. Fr. Victor Fernandez ofmcap [English]
13. Rev. Fr. Benjamin Kabongo 29th Sunday [French]
11. Rev. Fr. Corenelius MUTALE [English]
10. Rev. Fr. Issac Antony ofmcap [English]
09. Rev. Fr. Benjamin Kabongo Ngeleka 27th Sunday [French]
08. Rev. Fr. Laiju OFM Cap [English]
07. Rev Fr Christian BUFFONI (French)
06. Rt Rev Dr André-Joseph Léonard (French)
05. Rev. Fr. Ewald Nangay OFMcap (English)
04. Rev Fr Benadict Mtena ofmcap (English)
03. Rev Fr Edmond OFMCap (English)
02. Rt Rev Dr Joseph Karikkassery (Malayalam)
01. Rev Fr Fidelis OFM Cap (Malayalam)

17. Transitus in Brussels
00. Capuchin Call
Blessed are the Poor