Year B 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Deut 4:1-2,6-8; Js 1:17-18,21-22,27; Mk 7:1-8,14-15,21-23

For the Jews the holiest part of the Bible was the "Pentateuch" or the first five books, which they thought had been personally written by Moses, and which they reverently called the "Law." The Pentateuch contained Sacred Laws such as the "Ten Commandments"

Fearless Life

Fearless life is the best. One can live fearlessly only when one does everything correctly with fear of God like John the Baptist. If I do everything rightly with fear of God and society, I can live fearlessly. Most of the time we are fearful because we fail to do the right thing.

Year B 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jos 24:1-2, 15-18; Eph 5:21-32; Jn 6:60-69

In today's first reading we see the challenge that Joshua set before his people. He assembled all the people at Shechem and threw a challenge before them: to follow Yahweh or to choose the gods they liked. Shechem has been a holy place for the

Year B 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Prov 9:1-6; Eph 5:15-20; Jn 6:51-58

The desire of man to feel and experience God is as old as man himself. Only a few individuals had that opportunity. Moses met God on mount Horeb. Then people saw that God was within him. The prophets encountered God, and people experienced

Year B 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

1King 19:4-8; Eph 4:30 – 5:2; Jn 6:41-51.

In history we find many famous people who made certain predictions which were proved wrong shortly after that. Lee DeForest, American radio pioneer and inventor of the vacuum tube, said about  rockets: "To place a man in a multi-stage rocket and project him

Year B 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Ex.16:2-4, 12-15; Eph 4:17, 20-24; John 6:24-35
Once there was a young hermit who lived as an ascetic in a forest.  He owned nothing except a pair of loincloths.  One morning, to his great disappointment, he found that mice had destroyed one of the loincloths.  He brought a cat to kill the mice and then a cow


The cry of a baby during baptism is very  common. Once a baptism was going on. The started sucking the hand and crying severely. We were concentrating on the ceremony. The mother was just looking at the baby with lots of love and concern.